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IT Support Southampton
IT Support Team Southampton
IT Support Southampton

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  • Build a house

    for Christmas

    We here at Fourth Pillar are making a difference to someone’s life and you can help. By purchasing just one small item will help contribute to build a home for a loving family just in time for Christmas. Provide a roof for a highly vulnerable and underprivileged family by building a house. Help support someone who has lost their home due to natural disasters or can’t afford to build their own. Just one small act of kindness will be leveraged to support a family providing security, safety, protection from any danger or harsh weather.

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  • Build a water well

    Water is one of the most needed resources that anyone can have but unfortunately not everyone has access too. Having access to water isn’t something isn’t something we would have to think about in everyday life. However for some it isn’t an option. A child might have to walk miles before having just one small sip of dirty, unsanitary water. By building a water well in a small village it will help a handful of families, providing better health wellbeing and hygiene and safe drinking water to keep well hydrated.

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  • Sponsor a hospitals

    electricity bill

    While we struggle to find someone with a phone charger to keep our phones running, others struggle to keep a light on.

    A hospital shouldn’t be a place to have to worry if the power will go out any second. With more important jobs to do for the nurses and doctors, this shouldn’t be something that crosses their mind. Unfortunately it’s what’s happening right now. If the power is out that’s means lifesaving equipment is off, heating/air con has cut out, and access to see could be impaired. Help us to help them pay their electricity bill.

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