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Beast from the East

While we all admit we would much rather be lying on the beach under the tropical sun we can’t help but enjoy and channel our inner kid while the snow falls.

For England it isn’t often to see a good snow fall and our last time we got to enjoy this rare luxury was in 2010 – some areas getting 50cm. However on March the 1st and 2nd of this year we were hit with the Beast from the East. While the 1st was supposedly our first day of spring it had to sit tight a little longer while the worst of our winter had hit. Many schools were shut and business locked their doors, emergency shelters opened for those who needed it. The blast of cold weather took us all by surprise.

We were open for business. Even though stranded at home we managed to work remotely as did most of our customers. We couldn’t stop because of the snow, we carried on and got the job done. When the day came to a close we couldn’t help but get out and enjoy the snow while it lasted because before we knew it, it was gone! By Sunday the 4th it was like we never saw a single snowflake.

Spring opened its eyes and the birds were singing. The sunshine was spreading across the UK. We all carried on with our day to day business.

By the 18th, we woke up in the South to a shock. The Beast from the East had returned. As it was a Sunday and no work was due we couldn’t help but jumping out of bed grabbing our hats and gloves and racing to build a snowman. The day was spent with enjoyment and laughter, there was an element of disappointment to see day become night.

The Beast from the East is once again gone but will we see a return or will we have to wait another 8-10 years before the next snow fall?

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