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Happy 29th to the World Wide Web!

On this day, 1989 Tim Berners-Lee proposed a new information point for him and his colleagues at CERN. They desperately needed a system for sharing and storing data from their experiments.

The very first pages that were formed for the earliest World Wide Web are probably lost forever however, the first of the surviving iterations is a 1991 version.

Tim Berners-Lee proposal for the World Wide Web was rejected but he still decided to go ahead anyway – one early convert was Dr. Paul Jones, to whom Berners-Lee gave a personal demo—along with a copy of the early Web on a floppy disk. Jones uploaded the files to, where it has been online for over two decades now.

Since 1989 we have come a long way. Important developments that have been added to the web over the years have changed the way we peruse in our daily activity but what are the best developments?

With things like the news websites, games and social media; they all act in different ways for what is important to us. Can you imagine living in a time where we don’t have the World Wide Web at our fingertips?

We here at Fourth Pillar will be raising a glass to celebrate the 29th birthday of the World Wide Web!

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